Honor View 20 vs Google Pixel 3

Honor View 20 vs Google Pixel 3
Honor View 20 vs Google Pixel 3

So the Honor View 20 is set to debut in the European market and looks set to conquer the market segment for the affordable flagship phones currently available. The phone will however still face a lot of competition from major companies. The most notable competition is set to come from Google’s Pixel 3 phone, with the phone currently one of the most compact flagship phone available in the market.


So in terms of the specs, the View 20 is set to come packed with a 6.4 inch, 1080 x2310p Full HD+ IPS LCD screen while the Pixel 3 currently has a 5.55 inch, 1080x2340p Full HD+ AMOLED screen. In terms of the viewing quality the Google Pixel 3 by far has the best display even though it has a slightly smaller display size as compared to the View 20. The colors on the screen are just amazing and coupled with the HDR10 technology, it gives it a major advantage over competitors. Considering that the View 20 has a midrange IPS panel this round easily goes to the Pixel 3


The design of the View 20 is mesmerizing, the phone gives you an impressive look. The Honor View 20 is also the first hole-in display phone which is there to minimize the need for bezels. The phone also has a stunning glass back with some light effects to go with it. In comparison to the Pixel 3, we have the View 20 on top. The Pixel phone is not well known for its design but rather well known for how compact the device is.

Hardware and Software

All thanks to the Kirin 980 coming packed inside the View 20, the phone will be one of the most powerful devices out there. The phone is further equipped with a 8GB Ram and 256GB of internal storage which can be expanded using a SD card. The phone is also capable of running its own custom UI. Now the Google Pixel 3 does not have the best hardware inside of it but it does have one important advantage, the phone comes with a stock Android experience and will get updates much faster then you would on the View 20. Both phones run the Android 9.0 Pie currently.

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Yes yes we know, there is no comparison with the camera of the Pixel 3 as we know that the Pixel 3 is able to deliver the best photo quality. The phone only has one camera sensor at the back but still provides an incredibly efficient and amazing AutoFocus capability as well as near perfect optical stabilization and is furthermore, even good with the bokeh effect despite not having the secondary which most phones would require to give a good bokeh experience. The front camera is also really good all thanks to the double sensor which gives users an ultrawideangle lens. Now the View 20 would definitely make it as the second most preferred option due to its amazing 48MP back camera which provides amazing picture quality. It also delivers a very low level of noise in low light conditions which is a good feat. The phone also has an amazing 25MP selfie snapper which is also really good at taking some clear photos.


So without a doubt the Honor View 20 would take this round, considering the fact that the phone possesses an amazing 4000mAh battery size which is very rare to see in flagship phones. It can further provide up to two days worth of battery life. The Pixel 3 on the other hand comes with only an average level of capacity and is known to not provide ample amount of run time which makes sense to considering the phone only has 2915mAh battery.

Honor View 20 vs Google Pixel 3


So the Pixel 3 is priced at $966 while the Honor View 20 is priced at $682. In terms of value,  we can see the Honor View 20 as the winner here. The phone has some amazing fully loaded features an amazing processor, a efficient camera system and well costs much lesser then the Pixel 3.However, even though the price is a wee bit high, it should be noted that the phone has a better camera, good against water conditions and gets faster updates so we will ley you decide who the winner is here!


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