How Does School Life Influence Your Future Life

Well school life plays a vital role in helping the person, in this case the student, truly get an idea of what life has in-stored for him.The importance that school life has on your personality is pretty astonishing and if we play our cards right we are bound to be successful in facing any challenges in the future that life has planned for us. To truly understand the influence that school has on our life, we must first get an idea of the importance of school life. Since the beginning of the human existence, learning is the only thing that has helped the man survive in this world. We learn from the things which are all around us, experience them and to in-turn use that knowledge and apply it in our daily tasks. Learning is what gives our life value and well schools provide the perfect platform to the modern generation and are without a doubt the primary source of knowledge and hence allow us to achieve great things in life.

Since the first day you step in to your school, the first thing they teach us is to discipline our emotions, you’re at the gate, you’re crying, life isn’t making sense to you, you do not want to leave the side of your mother, its all a maze to you. That is where the teacher steps in, telling you “everything’s going to be alright” and simultaneously making you realize that there is much more to life then you could possibly imagine and that the teachers are here to guide you through all of that. That discipline of emotion can do wonders for you in the future, we all have bad days, sometimes things simply do not go our way, may be you lose a loved one, may be you lose your job or may be you do not have the drive left in you to carry on. It is those moments that help you realize the importance of disciplining your emotions, to control them, to overcome them and to let it go and move forward. It is at the point in life when the teacher’s words start to make sense “everything’s going to be alright” and well if you can truly discipline your emotions, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving greatness.

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During the whole course of your life spent in school, you get to meet all sorts of people in the form of friends, teachers and even enemies . You get to interact with people coming in from different backgrounds, who bring with them different opinions and well different perspectives. You learn from them, you teach them as well and basically you get an idea of how they approach life.Interacting with different people really broadens your horizons, you get to know of the good people and you get to know of the bad ones as well. You start to understand the harsh realities of the world, some people will remain loyal to you no matter what you do, while others will find just one reason to get rid of you. Throughout our school life we come across such people and it’s okay if someone is successful in misusing the trust you had in them, guess what? that experience gives you the idea of the people from whom you have stay away in the future, people who are a menace and do not deserve you and, well the ones who stayed loyal, they will always find a way to hold on to that trust you had in them. These are the things which matter most in life. Nothing is more important than “Loyalty”.

Furthermore, we have all come across school examinations in our lives, who can forget that? The endless hours of working to achieve good grades. Here’s the thing, there are times when you feel as if you are not fully prepared to give that exam, anxiety steps in and well more conclusively that is the fear of failure! Now failure is basically falling short of what you deem as being successful! For the A grade students that could be getting a B grade. For the student who isn’t particularly bright that might be getting an F in the examination, the success threshold varies from person to person. Getting back to the subject here, well we have all felt that constant fear of failure at least once in our lifetime, but we still have enough strength to put in some extra work to get rid of that feeling and even though you may feel like you’re still short but you go ahead and give that exam, anyway right? Well that just there is what you call,overcoming that fear of failure. Now you may still fall short when the results come in, but what you do is instead of mourning on that failure, you learn from it, manage things a little differently and in turn the next time you go give that exam, there is no fear of failure. You learn from the experience and you move forward. If you can learn to overcome the fear of failing and to in turn improve on the past there is no challenge in life which can get you down. As a wise man once said “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure, without losing your enthusiasm”. When your will to succeed is greater then your fear of failure, no matter what life throws at you in the future, you will get through it roaring!

One of the most important lessons school life teaches you is that of respect. From the first day you step in to the class, the teacher demands from you nothingmore but respect, and well they deserve it,  they play such an important part in helping us reach our true potential. Other forms of respect include, respecting someone’s opinion over a particular subject!. Respecting you’re friends decision to keep her private life, well private!.  You respect the backgrounds of different people, whether they are rich or poor if you truly respect them non of that will matter. Once you give respect, the second part is easy, demand respect too. You have certain principles, certain beliefs, ideas and once you have played your part right, then respect should be demanded. No matter where the road takes you, respect is something which will truly help in shaping your life for the better.

How Does School Life Influence Your Future Life

Finally, the certain aspects of school life vary from person to person and at the end of the day it all  depends on the perspective of a certain person. To truly understand the impact that school life has on your future life one must simply ask themselves the question “How would your life be if there were no schools in the world?”. Therefore, it is concluded that schools play an important part in shaping the life of certain student, so that he may in turn do great things some where down the road.

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