The face ID security feature that tech giant Apple has to offer is one of the very best forms of facial recognition systems available on any smartphone – if not the best. However, as per what the latest suggestions conclude, it has been said that this particular feature can be made even more secure via the aid of distinct facial expressions.

In accordance with a latest report, it has been suggested that the facial recognition is indeed one of the more better forms of biometric security, however, even though the system employed here is quite safe, there are in fact some tricks which can be used so as to circumvent the systems (including a static photo of one’s face). However, now, researchers have actually gone on to develop a new algorithm thereby which these issues may be resolved via the aid of having the user register a distinct facial movement. It has even been suggested that this could end up involving making funny faces – while registering a new face onto a smartphone.

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Most notably, Apple’s implementation of the popular facial recognition system goes on to involve a front facing TrueDepth camera, which has the capabilities to match as well as map the physical geometry of the users’ face. This of course refers to the fact that a simple and flat picture cannot actually fool the system. And while the system isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination as researchers have also found way to circumvent Face ID too, by assessing someone’s iPhone when they happen to be asleep, a professor studying the matter proceeded on to indicate that there is a simple as well as effective method to greatly raise the difficulty of comprising a facial recognition system.

This particular system would then require users to perform a specific and easily repeatable facial motion that would only take about a couple of seconds.


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