How Google can outdo Samsung

How Google can outdo Samsung
How Google can outdo Samsung

Samsung has been known to add pretty much every feature there is to its smartphones – as the company is quite conscious over not being out-featured by any of its rivals. Another major reason – perhaps the biggest as to why Samsung sees the need for adding every feature known to mankind on a smartphone is because both Google and Apple have far superior proprietary services to offer.

Bixby is no match for the Google assistant, whereas on the OS – Apple obviously has much more of a command than the Korean manufacturer ever has had.And so the company has developed the habit of offering the best hardware, substituting this with the lack services that it has on show.

Will that be enough for Samsung though? Well, let’s just say that if Google puts its head to improving these features, the company will without doubt have the upper hand.

Privacy improvements for its assistant

At a Google nest briefing event which took place earlier in the year, an executive from Google pointed out that the upcoming Nest Hub Max is much more privacy focused than any of the previous devices that the company has entertained. The features with regards to privacy came down to a physical button used to shut down the camera, a green light used to indicate whether or not the camera is in use, and finally, a facial recognition feature that has the ability to process accurate matches from a local perspective.

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If Google takes upon itself to offer the ability to control smart home features, toggle settings as well as perform simple map/web searches without the users having to fully sign up to having your web activity monitored – this would be a huge deal for everyone involved.

If the Pixel became the only android phone that has some non-data collecting assistant features, then it would represent a major coup over the Bixby that Samsung has to offer along with other Android devices that run the assistant.

The basics

It’s hard to figure out exactly why the impressive budget Pixel 3A isn’t in the flagship segment that Google has on offer. The main selling point as far as the Pixel devices are concerned are the services.

When you take into consideration the fact that the Pixel 3A basically comes with the same camera along with the Pixel 3’s performance issues which all the more worry the company in justifying the smartphone’s price tag, Google could make its flagship much cheaper than what the competition has to offer. People won’t mind missing out on some features if a cheaper price tag is what’s on the cards.

And in any case,people who aren’t fanatics wouldn’t really care whether or not there is glass on the back of the device – or even on the subject of there being a notch and a chin – If the device is significantly cheaper than the flagships that Samsung and Apple release for example. It makes all the more sense considering the Pixel camera is still pretty much the best on the market.


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