The promise of foldable smartphones allowing for people to own a tablet and phone at the same time was a real exciting one, with the phone being for practicality while the tablet being the entertainment centre. A lot of companies came forward with their takes on foldables however, none of them made the promises that Samsung and Huawei made. Both companies promised mass production of these foldables in the near future, with Samsung under a lot of threat of dethronement from Huawei as the top smartphone maker. That’s why Samsung made sure it was going to start delivering its foldable smartphone first, but that didn’t turn out well, did it?

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Samsung saw people having all sorts of problems that they would have with a foldable smartphone with the crease being the highlight of all the problems, and this rushing got Samsung on an indefinite delay which it is sorting still. So now the ball was in Huawei’s court with Huawei taking its time with the foldable and now that Samsung had did Huawei a huge favor and now Huawei could learn from the mistakes already made. But then came the US ban, throwing Huawei off its game and now all that Huawei could focus on was the ban and how to deal with. All the calming down infront of the media aside, having one of the major markets of your smartphones banning you doesn’t go well on the business side of the things, halting all other departments for the time being, and that includes R&D, which secretly means that Huawei has to prioritize other things and that means Huawei Mate X also gets delayed without a clear date in mind.

So where do we see the future of foldable phones? In the current state, there is no promise and no dates and no solutions to the problems presented in the Galaxy Fold. However, the promise and utility of a foldable display makes the wait for a proper fix all the more exciting and intriguing as what will come next!? doesn’t it?

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