How nuclear war would affect the world climate and human health

How nuclear war would affect the world climate and human health
How nuclear war would affect the world climate and human health

In this new era of nuclear weapons we must be very careful indeed as we consider the possible outcomes of a nuclear war. A nuclear exchange or strike by one of the players would definitely cause catastrophic harm to the atmosphere, would kill thousands, would cause millions to suffer, and so on. It is no longer merely a theoretical possibility. Let us look at how nuclear weapons might cause truly devastating damage to the environment, and how the consequences might play out in terms of human life on the surface of the planet.

A nuclear war is basically an attack by one side or the other using strategic nuclear weapons. These weapons can kill people and destroy property. When using these weapons, the result will depend on how early and how much in advance of the enemy’s strike on the nuclear weapon was meant to achieve the intended effects. In other words the nuclear weapon is not a toy, it is not something you simply push down into the sand and hope it will work.

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There are two different sides at a nuclear war game. There are the United States and Russia. At any given time one side is at a nuclear war game in preparation for a potential conflict. During such war games with the United States and Russia to simulate the use of nuclear weapons. Both sides are taught what to do if and when such a scenario may occur.

Some people believe that the testing of nuclear devices on United States soil by rogue nation-states, and possible rogue nations would increase the likelihood of a nuclear war. Such a war would start without warning, with massive casualties, and perhaps millions upon millions of people dead. Many more would die in ground fighting as the mustard gas, nuclear fallout, radiation, and nuclear dust would blanket the world. Human beings would eventually become addicted to the poisons of nuclear war, thus reducing their population to one man, one machine, and countless machines.

If such a war happened, all life on earth would be extinguished, and many other life forms would become extinct. Those who survive would most likely have negative consequences on their species. This is the unintended consequence of mankind’s quest for nuclear weapons.

How does the proliferation of nuclear weapons affect the climate, and the human condition? It is possible that once such weaponry falls into the wrong hands, rogue nation states with nuclear weapons can start a regional war. Such an occurrence could result in tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of deaths, much greater than the number killed in World War Two.

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Would the mass death toll be greater, if the United States withdraws from her treaty with Russia, or withdraws from her alliance with China? If the United States stayed out of a nuclear war, many die, and those who live would have no choice, but to kill themselves or others. Would the death toll be greater if we built more nuclear weapons and launched more nuclear weapons against our sworn enemies? Such actions would inevitably result in more deaths, destruction, and damage. The worst of all, which is the unintended consequence of mankind’s quest for nuclear weapons, is that it has the potential to destroy all civilization, and all living things on the surface of the planet.

How would the world’s citizens feel if this happened. The worst of all consequences would be the loss of human life. Human beings will never again be able to dominate the Earth. A small group of madmen with nuclear weapons does not constitute a nation-state. A small group with nuclear power, however, can cause much greater devastation. Thus, how a nuclear war would affect the human and the environment should be of great concern to all people.


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