How Samsung is preparing to counter Covd-19

How Samsung is preparing to counter Covd-19
How Samsung is preparing to counter Covd-19

With regards to the very first quarter of this year, the worldwide smartphone shipments have fell 13.3 percent. Sales in February alone saw a decline by a massive 38 percent annually – as there were only 60 million devices to be accounted for across the globe. It is no secret therefore that the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed severely affected the already slowing smartphone market. And now by the looks of it, in an attempt to counter the affects of lack of economic activity brought down by Covd-19, Samsung is preparing to launch a large number of new affordable 5G smartphones throughout the remainder of this year. How Samsung is preparing to counter Covd-19.

The Korean manufacturer has already unveiled its first two cheap affordable 5G smartphones as the company launched both the Galaxy A51 5G as well as the Galaxy A71 5G last week in the US. However, while the launch did take place, both these devices are still yet to go on sale in the region with stipulated availability expected sometime later in the summer. Interestingly enough though, the Galaxy A71 5G has already made its way into China and is available for sale. This is interesting when you consider the fact that Samsung has the lowest presence in the country.

As far as pricing is concerned, the Galaxy A51 5G retails out for $499.99 while the Galaxy A71 5G will set consumers back by $599.99. It is expected that these devices will be priced even more cheaper in Samsung’s home country of South Korea.

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When these prices for Samsung’s very first generation of cheap affordable 5G smartphones are taken into consideration, it can be concluded that Samsung has already significantly slashed the prices. Indeed the aggressive pricing strategy has taken a toll as the tech giant has slashed the price of its 5G smartphones by 62 percent within just 11 months.

Of course it is expected that Samsung will soon launch these models as well as other affordable 5G smartphones in all the countries that have the luxury of a 5G network setup and other countries as well!


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