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How Smog and Pollution Affect on Health?

Smog and the effects it has on the lungs are a major concern. Not only is it harmful to the lungs, but it also can have a negative effect on your overall health.

Smog is the result of a number of chemicals that get into the air from a variety of sources. These include industrial emissions, vehicle emissions, and even some types of natural gases that people release into the atmosphere.

The different types of emissions you may encounter will determine the type of pollutants that are in the air. Therefore, you will need to determine what you are dealing with when you are trying to figure out how smog affects on health?

Many people find that when they are exposed to smog and the effects it has on health, they start to get problems such as headaches, bad breath, and other types of irritations that could be related to respiratory problems. Of course, you will also notice some other signs and symptoms of the effects of smog and the affects it has on your health. Here is a list of some of the problems you may notice when you are dealing with the effects of smog on health:

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* Chronic Bronchitis – If you have ever been sick with chronic bronchitis, you know just how tough this condition can be. It is a condition that affects the respiratory system, the lungs, and the sinuses. Because of this, many people start to feel as though there is nothing more they can do to get better, and this is where they begin to feel as though they have already gotten sick.

* Coughing and Sore Throat – Another symptom of the effects of smog on health that many people begin to notice is that the symptoms of the condition often make their cough and sore throat worse. When you have a cold, for instance, you will start to feel a sore throat. However, when you have a cold and cough, the sore throat becomes more intense and can become unbearable. The same thing occurs when you suffer from bronchitis.

* Lung Capacity – There are a lot of chemicals in the air that have an impact on the lungs. For example, there are many types of industrial emissions that can have a direct impact on the ability of the lungs to filter the air you breathe. As you can imagine, having less lung capacity in your lungs means that you will have to use more air. of what is filtered by the lungs to keep breathing.

In addition to the symptoms of the effects of smog on health, you will also notice that you are not able to get as much sleep, which can lead to problems with fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and other problems that can affect the ability to function properly. You will also notice that you are becoming tired more often, and you may begin to have trouble concentrating.

* Asthma – Smog, particularly long-term exposure to the pollutants in your area, can increase the risk of developing asthma. As soon as the air around you is polluted, the body’s immune system begins to react to the harmful effects of the chemicals in the air. This causes inflammation and damage to the respiratory system, which can then cause the onset of asthma.

* Irritability – One of the other short-term effects of smog on health is that it can irritate the eyes and the skin, causing the eyes to become watery, irritated, and red. People can also experience headaches, and dizziness. When these effects are combined with a cough, they can often lead to a condition known as congestion, which will lead to a feeling of pressure and discomfort in the chest. and throat.

These are just some of the things that you will find out about when you learn how smog and pollution affect health. You will find that if you begin to understand how these conditions can affect your health and why they occur in your environment, you can begin to make some changes to the way that you feel and think about your health.

In order to learn how smog and pollution affect on health, you need to get educated on the ways that you can start to heal yourself, and then you need to begin to understand the right treatment methods. If you can understand how they occur, and how you can prevent them from occurring in your area, then you will be able to fight them back effectively. You will feel better and you will feel healthier than you ever have before.


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