How to block someone on LinkedIn

How to block someone on LinkedIn

Sometimes social platforms may feel unsecure particularly when users are intimidating or harassing anyone else in some way. This sort of thing can happen on any platform, including ones that you would expect other users to behave more professionally. Indeed, even professional social networks like LinkedIn are not without plenty of creeps and bullies.

If you’re in a position on LinkedIn in which a user refuses to let you go and is constantly harassing you, blocking them is a great method to force the behavior to end or at least stop on LinkedIn its own. And we’ll guide you through it regardless of whether you’re using your computer or mobile device.


  • You can block people from LinkedIn?
  • How do you block users from LinkedIn on desktops
  • How to block individuals on LinkedIn on Mobile App




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What you need

  • A PC or mobile device
  • A LinkedIn account
  • An internet browser, or LinkedIn mobile app.

Can you block someone’s account on LinkedIn?

Yes you can block people on LinkedIn. It’s possible to do this using a variety of ways. In this article we’ll be focusing on showing you how to accomplish this two ways: through the desktop site (if you’re using a PC) as well as on the LinkedIn mobile application (if you’re on an mobile device).

If you decide to block someone’s account on LinkedIn usually means that they aren’t able to see your profile again. It also means they aren’t able to contact you and won’t be able to connect to you any longer. LinkedIn includes a lengthy checklist of what can happen (or could occur) when you decide to block someone. It’s worth examining before you block people to ensure you’re truly interested in what you’re about to do. If for any reason you’re required to block someone again following having removed them from your block, be aware that there’s a 48-hour wait before you’re able to do this.

Strangely enough, there’s a limit to the number of users it is possible to exclude on LinkedIn 1400.

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Note: For the vast portion, LinkedIn won’t notify the person you’re blocking. As per LinkedIn’s assistance guides regarding this issue There are some instances that require them to notify the user that they’ve been blocked by you, for example when there’s a scenario where you and the person have an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Recruiter account. In this case, they “may have to notify the member or the Recruiter administrator be aware of the block to manage the account.” That’s all it takes to say that the person you’d like to block might be informed about it, so be sure to block carefully.

How do you block people from being blocked on LinkedIn For desktops:

If you typically make use of LinkedIn on your computer Here’s how you can block someone on LinkedIn’s desktop website:

1. You should open your internet browser, then go to and log into your account if you haven’t yet done it.

Step 2. Visit the page for the profile of the person you wish to stop. Select the More button.

Step 3. The drop-down menu choose Block or report.

4. When the display appears, select Block [name of the personThe name of the person you want to block. Then select Block again.

How do you block people from being blocked on LinkedIn In the mobile app

LinkedIn can also block users through its mobile application. These steps should be appropriate for Android as well as iOS devices.

Here’s how you can stop someone using the LinkedIn mobile application:

Step 1. Start the LinkedIn mobile application on your mobile device and then go to your profile for the user you wish to block.

Step 2. Choose the three dots Further button.

Step 3. In the drop-down menu, select the Block or report option.

Step 4: Next screen you can choose Block [person’s nameBlock [person’s name .

Step 5: The next screen will be required to confirm your selection. Choose Block to do so.


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