How to Extend the Life of a Diamond Prong

How to Extend the Life of a Diamond Prong

Prongs usually need to be re-tipped every six to ten years. However, there are some ways to extend the life of a prong. You can either rebuild it or re-tipp it. However, you should remember that this repair will cost you some money. You should also know that you need to get professional help.


Re-tipping for prong repair is a procedure that replaces missing prongs with new ones. The jeweler applies a new piece of metal to the base of the setting and shapes it to fit the stone’s surface. This procedure is usually done on partially or completely intact prongs.

The cost of prong re-tipping varies depending on how many prongs are involved in the repair. A quality re-tipping job should appear perfect under a loupe, without any spots or blobs of metal added throughout the piece. It should also match the color of the original metal. Lower-quality re-tipping can appear yellower than the original metal.

Re-tipping for Tip and Prong repair is an essential part of maintaining fine jewelry, especially rings. It makes the stones more secure in their mounting and prevents them from falling out of a ring. Regular cleaning and checkups will help you identify whether your prongs are wearing down.


Replacing prongs is a common service that many jewelry shops offer to customers. This service consists of rebuilding a worn prong using a high melting solder. In some cases, the worn prongs may be shaped or balled up and soldered to a new head. In other cases, the worn prongs must be removed from the ring and replaced. Regardless of the repair method, it’s important to find a quality repair service.

There are many different reasons why prongs need to be repaired or replaced. One of the most common reasons is excessive wear and tear. In order to preserve the integrity of a ring, it’s important to replace damaged or worn prongs. This will ensure that the setting and stone are secure.


In some cases, prong rebuilding is necessary to replace worn or broken prongs. In this process, a jeweler applies new metal to the setting’s base and shapes it to fit the stone’s surface. The process is known as prong retipping, and it is a more affordable alternative than replacing the entire head. It is important to remove treated stones prior to rebuilding, however, to prevent further damage to the stone.

When prongs break, the stones can fall out of the ring and be lost. It is important to repair broken prongs to protect the diamond, and repairing prongs can save a beautiful piece of jewelry. However, the cost of prong repair depends on the size of the prong and the type of stone. Before re-tipping or rebuilding your prongs, bring your jewelry to a jeweler to get an accurate estimate.

Rebuilding prongs is an excellent alternative to replacing the whole head, especially when the prongs are too worn down to function properly. Depending on the type of stone and its size, this process is not very expensive and will save you money.


If you’ve noticed a crack in the prong of your diamond ring, you may want to get it repaired. The cost of this repair depends on the extent of the problem. Some cracks are easily fixed, while others are more complicated. It’s best to ask the jeweler what’s wrong and what they plan to do.

Prongs can become weakened over time due to constant use. Exposure to bedsheets and garden tools can also affect the strength of the prongs. You can have them re-tipped or replaced as a whole, but you should make sure that the new ones match the shape and size of the originals. You’ll also want to make sure the new ones don’t snag on clothing or other objects.


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