Facebook and social media are fascinating. Some days you will meet people who become your best friends. Other days you may meet creepy people.

Sometimes it feels like a party with everyone having a great time, while other times it can feel more like a warzone in which keyboard warriors drop bomb after bomb of sarcasm and ruthlessness.

If things get heated and tempers flare up, it is likely that one party will block the other.

If you are the victim of Facebook’s wrath, here’s how you can find out if your account has been blocked.

1. Browse Your Friend List

Although deactivated accounts with display photos will still be visible on your list, you won’t be able view their profile if they click on you.

Your profile will not show up if someone has blocked your account. You will eventually find out if someone has blocked you. This takes patience.

2. Find their Profile

You can use the search bar in the top left corner to find their Facebook profile. This is a simple way to check if someone has blocked your account on Facebook. If the profile of the person appears, things are fine. However, if it doesn’t, you may have been blocked. If there is a tab that says “Add friend”, you have been blocked. You can talk things out between yourself and the person.

You can double-check if they’re blocked or have just deactivated your Facebook account. Ask a friend to search their Facebook page the same way as you did. If you get a positive result from the search, it’s likely that you have been flagrantly hacked.

3. Check out your Facebook Memories

A few years back, Memories, which is a nostalgic part of the application, was made available. You can look back at older posts to see who liked them and comment on them.

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You can still see the profiles of people who have blocked you on Facebook, but they are written in black and not blue. This is how you can see who’s still available on Facebook for you and who’s blocked.

4. Check out your Facebook Groups

You can check your shared friends’ groups to find out if they have blocked you. If you are an administrator of any shared groups, you may still be able see their account. However, their profile will appear in black font. You may be able to view their activities on the group but not their profiles.

5. Facebook Messenger Blocked

Even if you have not blocked them on Facebook, it is possible that someone has blocked Messenger. To find out if someone has blocked you, send a message on Facebook Messenger. If an error notice appears that states, “This person cannot be reached at the moment”, it means you have been blocked from sending them messages.


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