How to keep your baby safe and healthy during the monsoons

How to keep your baby safe and healthy during the monsoons

The care of your infant is a challenge in monsoons. Mothers make every effort to feed and maintain high standards of cleanliness for their baby. The monsoon season is an vital relief from the scorching summer heat however on the flip side the rapid reduction in temperature and increase in humidity causes health issues for newborn babies like irritation or rashes, bacterial allergies, skin rashes and fungal infections. Since babies are more vulnerable to the negative effects of the rainy season it is important to take precautions seriously to prevent infections. Here are some suggestions to help new mothers protect their babies during the monsoon season.
Check-in prior to monsoon
Examine windows and doors for dampness, leaks and other issues that might arise during this season It is a good idea to make it a habit to examine as you prepare for the seasons to be. Also, look at all corners in your house and scrub them clean free of any mould and fungi that could be growing in the area.

Think about environmentally friendly products
Consider making use of environmentally friendly cloths instead of plastic-based and hard water wipes to help keep your toddler safe from germs. Eco-friendly wipes are made from 100% plant-based material that has been dermatologically tested and biodegradable, super robust and soft for baby’s skin.

Ensure clean surroundings
The room of the baby is best cleaned frequently using an organic disinfectants that can keep out the spread of disease-causing pests and insects and also bacteria. Keep everything clean and dry, particularly surfaces in the kitchen and cover food waste and garbage correctly before disposing. Examine the areas where water is stagnant and make sure there isn’t stagnant water surrounding your home. If you find stagnant water, eliminate it prior to it becoming a an breeding ground for mosquitoes as well as other insects. Prune the vegetation in the garden before the monsoon arrives and ensure that the drains are cleared to prevent flooding.

Verify for any allergies
Be sure that your child is protected from certain pollens and allergens since certain infants are allergic these. Contact your doctor right away if you there is any redness, rash or other signs and have it treated.

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Be sure to keep your baby dry
Change diapers at regular time to be protected from skin rashes. Make sure your baby is dressed in dry, warm clothing as they may remain damp and cold following washing, which can lead to your child developing an illness such as a cold or fever.

Protection against mosquitoes
Be sure that your doors and windows are locked at dusk and dawn to prevent mosquitoes from swarming or flying within. Make use of natural insect repellents such as bed nets, mesh windows to stay clear of serious diseases like dengue and malaria that are that are caused by mosquitoes. Dress your child so that bugs aren’t able to get access to your skin.

Cleanliness is the next best thing to godliness especially when you are caring for a newborn in the midst of rain. Making sure your child is safe and healthy throughout monsoon can appear to be a daunting endeavor however, with the best efforts, a few precautions prior to monsoon as well as proper plan can ensure your baby’s health throughout this challenging season.


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