Assessing your child’s behavioral and emotional reactions to stress is essential, experts say, especially if anxieties are too high.

Families are below an extraordinary amount of pressure right now, and the next few months will offer little relief. The trials 2020 include economic uncertainty, winter dread, an emotionally charged presidential election and a worrying growth in coronavirus instances. Then there is the school season, distant learning and few (or even no ) choices for child care. (That is an abbreviated record.)

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Pros are understandably concerned about the number this may be affecting kids’ mental and behavioral health. Back in October the American Academy of Pediatrics published new clinical interim guidance about how to encourage the emotional needs of children throughout the pandemic, highlighting the very important role parents can play.

It’s Not Just Adults Who Are Stressed. Kids Are, Too.
It’s Not Just Adults Who Are Stressed. Kids Are, Too.

“Even in the midst of very trying times, there are ways to promote resilience, and families can do that,” said Dr. Carol Weitzman, a developmental-behavioral nurse as well as the co-director of the Autism Spectrum Center at Boston Children’s Hospital who co-authored the academy’s guidelines.


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