How to Repair a Tennis Net

How to Repair a Tennis Net

Depending on the type of tennis net you have, you may have to take a few steps to repair it. Accourding to Lumbuy There are several things you can do, from replacing a damaged headband to fixing cracks in the footings.

Replace a damaged headband

Changing a tennis net’s headband can be a very easy process. Usually, the headband is secured to the net posts with lacing twine. This type of repair can be a cost-effective method for keeping your tennis net in good condition. The replacement headband will be made to fit over the old headband, which will make it easier to secure the replacement.

You may have to use double or quadruple locked stitching to make sure that the headband is secure. You should also check the eyelets to make sure that the replacement headband is securing to the posts. If you don’t have any eyelets, you may need to use a few pieces of lacing twine to secure the headband.

The headband of a tennis net is usually made of vinyl or polyester. These materials are less expensive and will not skid off the court. They are also more durable and absorb more energy.

Fix cracks in the footings

Several tennis courts have cracks in the footings of their net posts. If this is the case, it can be a serious safety issue, as the cracks can affect the play of the tennis balls. In some cases, cracks are so wide that they can be seen by players. This is called a vertical displacement crack, and it is dangerous on the court.

This type of crack is caused by the continual movement of the underlying soils. The movement of the underlying soils pushes the surface up. If you notice a vertical displacement crack on your court, it is an indication that moisture is getting into the soil. In addition to the crack, there may be an alligator crack, which is a series of interlocking cracks. These types of cracks are easily repaired with a slurry.

Some tennis courts are made with concrete and asphalt, which can sag in the cracks. It’s also possible for debris on the court to cause a surface to fail sooner than it should. It’s also important to cut strain relief slots between the courts and under the nets. This will reduce the chances of stress points causing cracking.

Keep up with maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance to repair a tennis net is the smartest thing to do. The first rule of thumb is to inspect the net for damage as it ages. Similarly, a yearly review of the net’s components is in order. The most basic task is to check the tension in the net. You’ll want to know exactly how much tension the net is under to avoid a surprise snag on your part. For the same reason, lubricate the winding mechanism with all-purpose oil. It may also be a good idea to replace worn out center straps and dowels.

Keep in mind that the top of the net may be exposed to the elements for several hours each day. This means the top of the net may be prone to dust and rain for long periods of time. A monthly spritz with a fine mist or a few drops of water can keep the net in good shape.


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