HP new entry-level gaming devices could be your pocket friendly choice this summer. The gaming market is on rise nowadays and making a bet in the industry that HP is trying to target this line with another series of dedicated systems. In this regard HP release a new laptop and a new desktop targeting at the lower end of the market.

HP’s new Pavilion Gaming Laptop

It just seems to be among the best entry-level gaming laptops you’ll see all year.

Its 15.6-inch display at the front can be had in either 1080p or 4K with an optional 144Hz panel. It also features a backlit keyboard, offered in Green, White, and Violet colors.

It will feature a Core i5 processor, with 8 GB of memory. There’s a 1 TB HDD by default, although it does come with 16 GB of Intel Optane memory for greater speed. If you’re willing to pay a little more then you have a new 8th Gen hexa-core Intel processor, as well as better NVMe SSDs.

Now coming to the graphics side, you get the latest AMD RX 560X GPU, which is essentially the same GPU however it’s for laptops. There is also an elective GTX 1060 with Max-Q design.


Pricing is set at an appealing $799 for the base model, which will be accessible at the end of next month.

Pavilion Gaming desktops 690 & 790

Apart from laptops, HP is also bringing two new desktops, in the mid-sized and full-sized packages for game lovers.

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The Pavilion Gaming 690

It features AMD’s striking entry-level Ryzen 3 2200G on the CPU side, with an integrated Vega 8 GPU. Well, you can pay more for a GTX 1060.

You will get 8 GB of RAM (up to 12 GB supported) with 1 TB of storage.

The size of the 690 indicates just medium-sized cards are supported, as you have to find the middle ground since you’re going to pay pocket friendly amount for it.


It’s a good choice just in $549.

The Pavilion Gaming 790

This one is the better-decked of the two. It features a Core i5 processor, with an entry-level GTX 1050 on the graphics side. However, you can get an RX 580 or a GTX 1080.

It comes with up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM, a bunch of NVMe/HDD/Optane options and a Thunderbolt port is also given.


Its price starts from $649.

You can get your hands on both of these Pavilion Gaming desktops in the mid of this month. On the other hand, you can cherish your gaming spirit well with a green hue on the front.

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