HTC U11 off to a very good start in the smartphone race

HTC U11 off to a very good start
HTC U11 off to a very good start

Saleswise, HTC’s newest phone – the HTC U11 is off to a very good start, a good start to such an extent that it has sold more than the HTC 10 and the HTC M9 when compared in the previous years. Maybe the sales have boosted due to the impressive fact that the screen of the HTC U11 is squeezable,

we cannot really judge this soon, but what we can judge upon is the fact that the sale numbers are very good, much to the delight of HTC.

The phone hasn’t been around the market for a long time, as it was essentially only available since late May, but already, it has outshone its predecessors, as previously stated. The source that has stated the numbers couldn’t be more reliable, as it comes straight from an executive from the Taiwanese company – Chang Chia-lin, who is the president of HTC’s smartphone and connected device decision.

Even though the numbers can be judged as being very reliable and official, the fact that HTC hasn’t exactly done wonders over the past couple of years in the market, don’t be surprised if the numbers are not exactly earth-shattering.

Chang Chia-lin, in a bid to better cope with the current market trends and conditions, stated that HTC is looking to limit the number of smartphones it releases every year, to perhaps just 3 or 4 smartphones released per year.


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