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Huawei a security threat? The experts down at UK don’t think so!

Recently, a major UK security body has gone on to suggest that any risk, or indeed potential risk which the Huawei 5G infrastructure might pose, would be manageable, according to a report courtesy of the Financial Times yesterday.

There comes a conclusion from the UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) that any potential infrastructure threats that might pose could all well be mitigated, even when you consider the fact that other nations have recently gone on to outlaw the equipment under the name of Huawei.

Huawei has come under an immense amount of scrutiny outside of its home country of China, as there is the suggestion that the company’s 5G infrastructure might be launched in an attempt to conduct espionage. However, Huawei has since denied all reports that the company is in collusion with its nation’s government.

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One source in particular told the Financial Times that NCSC findings happen to carry a huge amount of significance among the leaders of Europe. Such findings by the NCSC could backfire on the continuous attempts of the United States, as the nation remains determinedin the persuasion of other nations to block Huawei.

A statement followed by Huawei’s cybersecurity chief John Suffolk explains to the BBC that Huawei is “probably the most open and transparent organization in the world”. And to further prove his point, there was an open invitation to security companies by the chief, so that such companies can openly investigate on the matter.

“The more people looking, the more people touching, they can provide their own assurance without listening to what Huawei has to say,” John stated further.

Huawei a security threat? The experts down at UK don’t think so!

On the other hand, there may soon be an executive order in the coming days issued by the president of the United States which would effectively ban companies belonging to the states from using tech under the name of the Chinese company.


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