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Huawei Accounts for Nearly Half of China’s Smartphone Market Share

It is no secret that Huawei has been dominating the Chinese smartphone market over the course of the past few years. And now, at the very peak of its powers within the country, the company actually goes on to hold nearly half of the smartphone market share within China – while also being one of the leaders in the 5G market as well.

In accordance with what a new report from Counterpoint Research has had to say, the Chinese tech giant goes on to account for 46 percent of all the smartphone sales that are carried out in China. Such a figure actually means that Huawei holds more market share than its rivals in Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi combined. As claimed earlier, since Huawei is right now at the very peak of its powers, such figures also point towards the highest market share that the company has managed to hold in its entire history in China – as sales right now are 14 percent higher than the same period back in last year.

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Such figures notably arrive at a time when the Chinese manufacturer’s products have been subject to criticism as well as being shunned in western markets. Moreover, the apparent dominance within China is also very important to Huawei due to the fact that the company’s international sales too have declined rather sharply in recent times. Nonetheless, as the tech giant keeps on investing within its country, the rewards that it is reaping too seem to be very apparent.

Of course one particular segment of the market that Huawei excels in is that of the 5G handset market. The company has a foothold of in and around 60 percent for 5G devices within that of China – the region where the highest number of 5G enabled smartphones are sold. Interestingly enough, one in every three smartphones sold in China are actually 5G capable.


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