Last month in October, regulators based in Sweden took upon themselves to announce that they took upon the decision to ban the use of telecommunications equipment coming from Chinese providers in Huawei and ZTE. The Swedish regulator has given companies taking part in the 5G spectrum auctions until the first of January 2025 to remove Huawei as well as ZTE equipment from their existing infrastructure and core functions. However, in accordance with what the very latest reports now go on and suggest by the Swedish telecoms regulator PTS, Huawei has actually gone on to appeal against the decision to exclude it from the 5G networks.

A spokesperson making their way from the Swedish telecoms regulator actually disclosed that the appeal will actually be sent to the administrative court of Stockholm which would then handle the case. Apparently, ZTE is yet to respond to the ban but one would have to imagine that the Chinese telecommunications equipment firm will join a similar course of action as Huawei sooner rather than later.

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The ban making its way from Sweden last month actually goes on to re-echo a rather similar trend since the US actually first took upon the decision to ban both the companies from providing its 5G gears. The US government also adopted the strategy to pressure its allies in Europe as well as elsewhere to ditch Huawei’s equipment on the basis of security concerns that such equipment could actually be used by the Chinese government for the purposes of espionage.

Huawei though has continued to deny that it would do such a thing and has made great efforts to reassure of the integrity that it approaches with when it comes to its 5G gears. In response to the appeal filed in Sweden, Huawei’s Executive Vice President revealed that the company thought that the decision taken by the Swedish government was not good for the Sweden itself or indeed its customers. And hence, Huawei is in the hope that the Swedish government takes into consideration its decision and reaches a conclusion in favor of the company.


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