Huawei allowed to build 5G in Germany

Huawei 5G equipment
Huawei 5G equipment

Just earlier in the week, the German cabinet took upon itself to send legislation to Bundestag which will allow the Chinese manufacturer Huawei to build 5G networks in the region – however, this will only be allowed after strict security measures are guaranteed.
In accordance with what a latest report suggests, the proposed legislation would proceed on and make Huawei as well as telecom equipment providers financially liable if the case for compromised security is in fact made. This would also go on and give security agencies the complete network access so as to determine the integrity of the network. In other words : Germany is actually going ahead with Huawei for 5G building but with strict conditions – despite Washington having lobbied Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to ban the Chinese tech giant outright.
Notably, the American based media proceeded on to describe the newly proposed German law as a “setback for the outgoing US administration,” as written in the Wall Street Journal. Moreover, the decision taken by Merkel’s government might have been different if Donald Trump was still the president and had been re-elected. Nonetheless, while copies of these proposed law had actually been leaked in Germany last month, it seems as if now this has in fact been solidified.
Regardless of all the political complications that have presented themselves and are yet to present themselves, the latest news should indeed arrive as a win for Huawei in Europe – this especially being the case as various other governments within the region have actually been following the footsteps of the US. Previously, it was actually UK that has taken upon itself to ban the Chinese manufacturer outright and is also aiming to phase out the company’s technology from its existing networking infrastructure too. France on the other hand is also taking a somewhat similar approach.


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