Tencent recently has gone on to confirm that Chinese company Huawei has actually removed its online gaming catalog from its app store – as a direct consequence of the fact that both the companies have failed to reach an agreement on revenue sharing.

A statement followed by Tencent goes on to read : “Due to failure of Huawei’s mobile game platform to renew its contract with our Mobile Game Promotion Project agreement as scheduled, relevant products or Tencent Games were suddenly removed from the shelves early this morning.”

While it is Xiaomi that is actually referred to as China’s Apple – it is in fact the case where only Huawei is the equivalent of Apple in China as far as revenue and market share goes. Currently, Huawei goes on to hold 41.4% share of the China phone market and a 14.9% of the global market share – in accordance with what data from market research firms IDC and Canalys suggest.

While Tencent does indeed manage to sell some of the very top-ranked online games all across the globe, the partnership which was formed with Huawei is a rather important one due to the fact that it goes on to leverage the hundreds of millions of Huawei phones which are in circulation in China – Tencent’s biggest market.

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While both Huawei as well as Tencent have been rather quiet on the whole situation, a source familiar with the matter has gone on to hint that the games were indeed removed courtesy of the fact that the companies could not end up agreeing on a revenue-sharing deal for the app store sales. It has been reported that Huawei was actually looking for a 50% cut – something which was not in line with what Tencent had in mind.

Tencent though has actually hinted that it is actively communicating as well as negotiating with Huawei’s mobile game platform so as to reach a conclusion as soon as possible. Not only this, but the brand also took upon itself to extend an apology to users due to the inconvenience that they might have faced.


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