In the nostalgia of Huawei company, there is a fact that some smarts moves and collaborations make this company the third largest mobile phones making brand across the world. The example of past year clarifies this fact when the company hired a couple of Chinese hardware companies to secure its position in the technology world. Huawei Company makes different types of strategies for getting the second highest position in Smartphones around the world.Now, this time according to Bloomberg the company going to utilize its efforts in with the competition of smart assistance of Siri/Alexa /Google competitor consisting of its hundred dynamic workers with its creation in Shenzhen. These smart interactions with farmed passions make a remarkable sign on the field of technology phase. Especially, Huawei focused on the betterment of its components that very much related to their own chips that are formulated of their in-house manufacturing.

            The policies of the mobile company in accurate direction make true sense of responsibility among its consumers as well. The strategies that are utilized under the dimension of their fruitful ideas and techniques make their products more reliable in the field of technology. The phenomenon is developing the selling products automatically increase with sincere efforts of serving the nations. If this fact is truly implemented in the future, the third mobile phone ranked company would join Samsung in growing companies of android Smartphones. On the other hand, the company make a smart investment in the last month October 2016, in which the company announced specific plans to set a partnership that based on research purposes with UC Berkeley’s with the cost of one million dollars named “strategic partnership based on basics research” of keen learning, natural phenomenon of language and in the bright context of computer technologies.

Likewise, at the start of 2017, Huawei announced the embracing Alexa with its U.S. version of the Mate 9 handset, in a strategy that appears to be anything but Google Assistant, in spite of its Android allegiances and restorations. The largest company Chief executive Richard Yu has touched on the company’s AI goals in previous projects and contracts. As he proves his saying that “We have a strong will to bring best services for the consumer.


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