The Huawei CEO explains how it takes to beat giants

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei had a chat with Welt, and talked about what it means for the company to get to the second place, and what it meant to finally surpass Samsung. Yu praised the company’s R&D efforts, going on further to state that the company reaching the second place is amongst the more normal things in life. He further went on to say that the next target is obvious – the first place, however, you’d imagine that Samsung would have a bit of a say in that, wouldn’t you? Yu also went on to admit that the company is already working on something exciting and innovative.

So the question you’d be pegging is, what exactly was Yu pointing at? Well, in all honesty, it’s actually pretty simple. Yu was obviously talking about the Huawei foldable smartphone. Yu went on to state that we will see a foldable smartphone by the company in less than a year, as the company aims to deliver a larger screen, which can go on to fold. He posed the question as to why people are still using a computer? And then went to answer his own question by saying that it is probably down to the fact that the smartphone display is too small for the users. He further emphasized his point by stating that the company will change that for the users, by providing a foldable smartphone.

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In other news though, after the Apple event yesterday, Huawei posted a series of tweets which basically went on to mock Apple. The tweets are sarcastic, in a sense that they thank the IPhone making company for keeping the things the same. The tweets refer to Artificial Intelligence, the display, the device colours, etcetc, and also further goes on to tease the October 16 Mate 20 event, in which Huawei thinks it will bring about a real, and big change. Interestingly enough, even with Huawei’s mocking of Apple, the company became the first ever to have a commercially available 7nm processor, despite the fact that Huawei announced the Kirin 980.

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