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Huawei CFO freed on bail – ahead of the upcoming Extradition

The arrest of Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou caused a huge amount of outrage, and to much of an extent, in China. The arrest followed as there were alleged Iransanction violations, however, now, a Canadian judge – in particular, a British Columbia Supreme Court Justice has cut the CFO some slack, after granting bail,as her attorney, and her family made a strong case for her release, though conditional.

Meng is paying around ten million Canadian dollars, which leads to 7 million USD in cash, and while such huge numbers are being reported when talked above the bail, there is much more to it –she has to stay in the province, has to report to a supervisor, pay for security, and is bound to live in a Vancouver area house, which is actually owned by her husband. Also, another thing to note is that she has to remain in the house in between 11PM and 6AM.

Therehas also been a promise made by Litu : for both a million US dollars in cash,along with a $14 million value of the two Vancouver homes.

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The crown prosecutors made a good case by warning that Meng could potentially be a flight risk, mainly down to the amount of money she has in her possession – her wealth along with the fact that her main residence is in China, a country which does not have Extradition treaties with either US or Canada. Another worry that was going on in the mind of the prosecutors was that Liu might simply flee with his wife. However, to counter this point, her attorney made the point that fleeing would not only lead to embarrassment for her home country China, but would also be of great embarrassment to her company, Huawei.

Huawei CFO freed on bail – ahead of the upcoming Extradition

Nothing till now will assuage China’s demand that Meng should be released for good, and it won’t stop the accusations that China has based upon the US and Canada over the detaining of the CFO solely for political reasons. However, while the Extradition process will take a long time to wrap up, such a gesture by the judge just as might provide some cool at a crucial time.


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