The official cancellation of MWC 2020 has made things complicated for the companies which did plan on coming up with their products to the show. However, now is a completely different matter. One of the companies on the short list of companies attending was Huawei and by the looks of it they had more than a lot planned for the event. Huawei announced their own event in Barcelona on February 23 to show off the products that they had planned. This announcement came a few hours before the official announcement of MWC of cancelling the event. We haven’t heard from Huawei again regarding the retraction of the event, so fingers tied here for the event to go forward because of all that is on the list. It is one exciting list!!

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The event was to present Huawei’s upcoming laptop foldable phone, TWS earbuds, smartwatch, TV, VR headset and a car-related product. The poster that Huawei shared in anticipation of the event looked to show us clues of a particular foldable to be on the cards. This foldable phone seems to be the Mate Xs: an updated version of the original foldable from Huawei with a few tweaks here and there to make it more resilient. A newer chip would make it more future proof and will get other tweaks to make it an overall better foldable than the original. The device is expected to come with 65W charging and to start at a lower asking price than the original. Other products are kept more secret and therefore little is known regarding them.

With almost more than a week left until the event anything could happen, Huawei could opt out of the event to release all the stuff at a later date in front of a bigger crowd or keep things as planned! Only time will tell. 


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