Huawei constantly has to adapt

Huawei Manages to Overthrow Samsung as World’s Top Smartphone Maker

Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei technologies has recently gone on to claim that his company is in a state where it has had to make multiple tweaks to various aspects of its product offerings so as to cope with the pressure that has come onto the nature of its business as a result of the US trade ban.

In accordance with a senior official when addressing employees : “We have had to modify thousands of electronic boards, replace parts and algorithms to cope with… (the ban) from the US.” Indeed as per the South China Morning post, the US happens to be cracking down hard on Huawei. After losing its chip supply from TSMC, the Trump administration has made the prospect of supply even more difficult for the Chinese company by reinforcing laws that go on to regulate Huawei from receiving supplies from any company that makes use of American technology.

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Of course as one would have imagined – all this has greatly affected Huawei’s supply chain. And so with regards to such problems, the founder of the company has claimed that Huawei has had to make constant changes to multiple parts as well as components in their products while also having to tweak algorithms – all to better evolve against the US sanctions that seek to remove technology which goes on to originate from the US. Indeed the founder of Huawei even proceeded on to acknowledge the dire situation that his company currently finds itself in.

The founder also recently claimed that Huawei’s 90,000 members of the research and development team wouldn’t need to be as large if the company had access to the high-quality resources that Western companies have at their disposal. While Huawei has indeed recovered from the initial chip supply blow, the latest regulations mean that the company is back in survival mode to best endure its current position.


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