For those of you not aware, last year, the US Government set new regulations which were particularly targeted at the Chinese giant Huawei, who lost Google support from Android OS. Ever since, the company has been working on its very own operating system called which they have called the Harmony OS aka the HongMeng OS in China, which has now apparently reached about 70 to 80 percent of the level of Android.

As per Yu Chengdong, the CEO of Consumer BG Huawei, the Chinese tech giant is also getting ready for any scenario which may in the future go against them. With the level of Harmony OS nearing Android systems’ level, the company can roll it out on its smartphones to replace Android, if US decides to ban Chinese companies from using Android entirely. In conclusion, the new Harmony OS provides users with an excellent substitute in case Android is not made available for Chinese companies. 

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In addition, the CEO also stated that in the case that Huawei has to face a complete Google software ban, it can now ship their operating system. The operating system has not been restricted to just smartphones as explained by Yu Chengdong, who says that it will be shipped in future Huawei tablets, PC and any other technology relevant device which can cater the OS. Meaning, it will create a cross platform OS, which is similar to the Apple ecosystem many know and love today.The official also believes that the first ban which was  faced by the company back in 2019 did not cause a sense of panic or a crisis back in 2019, but it did lead to greater impacts in its consumer business which he is responsible for. He further explained that the second set of bans which were applied on the company was even more unreasonable and came as a big blow for the company. Comparing the situation to now, the company believes in one simple, since the company is not allowed to use building equipment, it will make its own hardware and other known components to meet the demand of the population.


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