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Huawei files lawsuit against US carrier

Huawei is set to take action against US mobile carrier Verizon as it claims that it used several of its patents – without there being any authorization to do the same. In accordance what Reuters has had to say, Huawei claims that the company used as many as 200 patents, however, in fact, the company has enough evidence on 12 of these in order to launch a strong lawsuit.

Such patents are not just limited to the smartphone side of things, as they also include computer networking, video communications, as well as download security. The two companies have been known to occupy one another in six face-to-face meetings over the alleged illegal patents ever since February of last year, however, as it has turned out, an agreement has not been reached.

The exact figure with which Huawei seeks compensation cannot be provided just yet by the Chinese company until it has a full breakdown of how Verizon actually profited from the use of such alleged patents. As well as compensation for the existing profits, the company is asking Verizon to hand over royalty payments if it does indeed choose to keep such patents at its disposal.

The Chief Legal Officer of Huawei said : “Verizon’s products and services have benefited from patented technology that Huawei developed over many years of research and development. Huawei is simply asking that Verizon respect Huawei’s investment in research and development by either paying for the use of our patents, or refraining from using them in its products and services.”

The US carrier’s Wireline segment which goes on to include voice, data as well as video communications products brought in $29.8 billion in revenue just last year, hence Huawei will be able to make a sizeable amount in profit from the lawsuit – if of course the allegations that have been brought to light turn out to be true.


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