Huawei founder distances himself from Sino- US political rivalry

The founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei has categorically distances himself from the ongoing Sino-US rivalry arguing that he would instead close down his business than spy for any state inclusive of the Peoples Republic of China. Otherwise a media shy person who seldom opens up to the media outlets expressed his anger at the recent US allegations that his company was an arm of the Chinse government spying activities, especially those directed in the US main land. He said that instead of getting into such activity, he would rather close down his company operations worldwide.

The reasons for such straight talk by Ren who is past 70 years emanate from the fact that the US media campaign influenced the Australian government to the extent that it disallowed Huawei participation in the 5G infrastructure development. Here it may also be pointed out that few years ago the Indian government barred the IAF combat pilots from keeping the company mobile devices as it was compromising the necessary secrecy of the combat mission of the Indian Air Force.


Ren in the course of his press conversation also argued that if his company had been doing that, the far superior US anti surveillance technology could have discovered that. So far it was just empty allegation, he pointed out.

The Huawei founder anger can also be traced back to yet another allegation against his daughter a few months ago when she was briefly detained for violating the US sanctions regime against Iran. At that time the company was accused of violation and warned of restrictions.

The Huawei founder also took a concentrated swipe at US over the assertion that the technology solutions forwarded into the tech world by his company were vital for innovation and chided the US, if the tech world can move ahead without them.

Huawei founder distances himself from Sino- US political rivalry

As of now, among the Chinese brand names the company is of the view which has not maintained its image in the developing market, but has been a force to reckon with in the developed world, rubbing shoulders with Samsung and Apple…..

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