Huawei gives its opinion on when the more cheaper 5G smartphones might arrive

The first ever 5G network made its way into the Korean market last month. Then a few weeks later, the first ever European 5G network had launched in Switzerland, as well as the first three 5G smartphones in European market. However, all of them are quite expensive flagships.

So exactly when will we see an affordable phone which also happens to be posses 5G connectivity? Huawei executive, Yang Chaobin gave his opinion. According to the executive, the first affordable midrange 5G phones will make their way into the market by the end of 2020, and if so, this will represent a much faster development when in comparison to the previous generations of mobile internet.

Just like the 4G networks were faster to spread than the 3G networks, it is expected that the overall 5G development will be even faster than 4G. Providing evidence to his claims, the executive from Huawei reminded everyone of the fact that the first ever 4G phone took around three years to hit the shelves, while it took the first ever 5G phone just a year. And while the executive has claimed that by the end of 2020 we will start to see midrange device with 5G connectivity, it might be possible that in 2021, there might be entry-level 5G handsets.

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The Xiaomi MI Mix 3 5G is currently the cheapest option when considering a phone with 5G connectivity, and this phone is priced at €599. The only 5G smartphone from Huawei is the Mate 20 X 5G, and the phone is priced at around €800.

Right now, it wouldn’t be advisable to purchase a 5G device. The prices are way too high, and in most of the cases, one would have to spend about two times the amount commanded by an equivalent 4G phone. Also, the 5G networks are still in their early phase, and hence they are limited only to a number of zones in a few countries.

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