Huawei has been caught faking photos once again

Huawei has been caught faking photos once again
Huawei has been caught faking photos once again

Huawei look set to launch their upcoming flagship device, the Huawei P30 Pro is looking all set to produce a device that will surely prove to be very competitive against the major brands in the world. They have already beengiving there users a lot of hints in recent times by showing of their phone’s camera prowess for quite some time by sharing images taken directly from the phone. However, Huawei have once again surrounded themselves in a conspiracy after a major platform form for news on technology, GSMArena have spotted the company once again misleading the public by posting a DSLR images as the creation of their upcoming phone.

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In addition to that. They made matters worse, it has been foundthat the images shared were not even taken by the Chinese manufacturingcompany. The company used stock images from websites like GettyImages, which was pointed out by GSMArena, “erupting volcano was also spotted online and has been taken almost a decade ago in 2009.” Moreoverit should be noted that in the past many companies have used DSLRs to imply the sort of quality that people may get after they purchase that specific phone. However, they were mentioned in the disclaimer, which many users don’t bother reading. Following the backlash, Huawei did update the images with disclaimers.

Huawei has been caught faking photos once again

This is not  the first time where Huawei mislead the public. Back in August 2018, Huawei was caught faking Nova 3’s camera. It did receive a serious backlash but looks like Huawei have not learned from previous experiences. It is also very disappointing as the P30 Pro is supposed to pack some of the most advanced camera setups on a smartphone ever. Im addition to that, the company is a major technology giant and they have a reputationto maintain, so people expect high quality standards and services from the company.


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