Huawei has Officially Sold Honor Sub-brand Due to US Restrictions

Huawei to sell Honor

Following reports of Honor’s deal, parent organization Huawei has made the news official, With US limitations seriously restricting Huawei’s telecom buyer and business organizations, the organization needed to turn to auctioning off its auxiliary cell phone brand: Honor (known as “Brilliance” prior to deciphering). 

At a troublesome time when mechanical innovation components are unreasonable and customer organizations are under colossal weight, to permit Honor channels and providers to proceed, Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd. chosen to sell the whole Honor business resources. The buyer is Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology. 

Honor’s acquirer is Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. Furthermore, it has consented to an arrangement with Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. to completely secure the Honor cell phone business. The understanding states that the securing will ensure the interests of customers, channels, providers, accomplices, and representatives. Changes in possession ought not influence the bearing of Honor’s turn of events, and Honor’s senior administration will stay ready. 

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The buying organization: Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd was set up by a consortium (a gathering of contributing accomplices and organizations) of in excess of 30 specialists and wholesalers. ‘New Honor’ will supervise assets, marking, creation, dispersion, administrations, tasks, and leader choices. Huawei will presently don’t hold any partake in Honor, nor will it be a piece of the organization’s chief board any more. 

Under the Trump Administration, the US blamed the telecom organization for representing a danger to public security and prohibited American organizations from working with Huawei. This upset both Huawei and Honor from utilizing any American segments. Qualcomm would not be permitted to sell chipsets to Huawei (however this has as of late changed), while Google denied both Huawei and Honor’s permit to utilize Google’s set-up of applications – this seriously blocked Huawei and Honor deals in western business sectors as of late.


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