Huawei has Patented a Technology that can Charge Devices Wirelessly from a Distance

Huawei has Patented a Technology that can Charge Devices Wirelessly from a Distance

In the latest news surrounding tech giant Huawei, it has been said that the company is working towards a technology that is only likely to make everyone’s life a lot more convenient. Indeed the company has patented a new laser technology that will have the capabilities to fully charge devices wirelessly – and that from a distance.

In accordance with what a new report from Pocketnow has said, the technology for now doesn’t even have a dedicated name, however, it still represents an exciting prospect in the world of different charging solutions. As smartphones across the globe are becoming more and more powerful, OEMs across the globe are finding it with ever difficult to have and maintain a good battery life. Via such technology though, the hassle of carrying chargers could indeed become a thing of past.

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In accordance to Huawei : “one of the biggest challenges to bathing every conference room or coffee shop in invisible charging power has been the safety of the lasers when surrounded by naked eyeballs.” The Chinese company also happens to be working on making the tech safe within human proximity as well – with the system being able to detect eyes in the laser’s path – which would prompt the device to shut off so as to protect the users or their pets within the area.

The claim is there that this particular technology will make way for multiple electronic gadgets to be Charge Devices Wirelessly at the very same time. The charging module happens to be housed at a vantage point which will have the capabilities to overlook the entire room – hence allowing the automatic charging of compatible devices. The technology can be used to transmit energy ideally for medium as well as long distance power transmission for a number of mobile devices – these of course can include the likes of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even drones.


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