Huawei have just launched the solution to the Google Android OS problem

Huawei have just launched the solution to the Google Android OS problem
Huawei have just launched the solution to the Google Android OS problem

The Chinese tech Huawei have just officiated the launch of its first ever, very own, highly anticipated operating system which they have now given the name of, Harmony OS. The company made the launch at the developer conference in China. Huawei Mobile CEO, Mr. Richard Yu has said at the launch ceremony that the company can ‘immediately’ switch from the American search giant Google’s Android when and if required.During his time at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC 2019) at Dongguan City of China, Richard Yu stated that the operating system can be used across different devices varioussmartphones to smart speakers and it is even compatiblewith various sensors. It’s part of Huawei’s play in the so-called Internet of Things, which basicallypoints to devices connected to the internet.

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So basicallythe highlight features of the OS assure that the new OS will be open-sourced with its own ARK compiler. Whereas, the HarmonyOSwill also be able to supportthe already existent Android apps available. Despite being a lightweight system, Harmony OS is believedto be offering some performance enhancers. The new OS will also carry supportfor high-performance graphics as it can be used to power innovative PCs alongside wearables, in-car head units, speakers and VR glasses.

Pretty retty much like the Android OS, the Chinese manufactured OS is open source, and it’s actually more of a competitor to Google’s upcoming Fuchsia, the reported success or of the Android Pie and well given that both are microkernel-based and can be deployed to multiple types of devices at once, the new prospect can definitely give a hard time to Google. It is worth noting here that the Chinese company, Huawei is set to release a phone based on HarmonyOS,  a report has suggested that the launch of the said phone may take place at the end of this year alongside the launch of its Mate 30 series. The device will reportedly be a mid-range phone with some pretty decent specs.


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