Huawei HiCar will let you control your car with your smartphone

Huawei HiCar will let you control your car with your smartphone
Huawei HiCar will let you control your car with your smartphone

Ladies and Gentlemen the world is progressing much to fast for us to keep hold of what to expect from the top notch companies and developers.The world has truly experienced a technological revolution in the last one decade or so and companies keep on innovating year in and year out and well it is truly Incomprehensible to expect what is next from these companies. One of the most brilliant features currently being developed and ready to be introduced by the hardworking staff working in the Huawei R&D labs is the brand new Huawei HiCar. If you remember this name first appeared in limelight last August, where the Chinese manufacturers claimed that they along with there developers were creating a new feature which would essentially allow a user to control their car using just there smartphone, amazing right? At the time there were no specifics, the feature is now almost here and we’ve got more detail on just what exactly it does.

There are several features that Huawei HiCar makes available to the user. To begin with, users have the option to control most autonomous functions of there car directly form the application. This feature applies to things such as air conditioning, windows, wipers and car locks. In addition to that, the user can also use the car’s cameras to take pictures or videos, which could be useful in a lot of ways. There’s also an option to share those pictures and videos, which isn’t as useful but nonetheless interesting and worth giving a try.

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Moreover, with the smartphone and the car connect, the central control screen on the car will display the options available on special cards, such as those dedicated to planning reminders, navigating to a destination, playing music, answering calls and to the voice assistant functions. This central home screen of the application will also allow you to make changes easily and efficiently without too much hassle and If you’re curious, the answer is no, you cannot drive your car with you smartphone.

This feature will initially launch on the the Mate 30 line of devices first after which it will slowly make its way on to other phones.In accordance with Huawei, only flagship devices from the company will get the feature after it is initially launched on the Mate 30 device. To summarise it only the Mate and P-series devices will get the which honestly is not that surprising.


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