Huawei isolation by American companies means that Huawei is now on a new timeline to get alternatives by finding new providers of hardware and completing their alleged new operating system which has been in development for a very long time and it is specially the right time to introduce it right now with Google withdrawing its Android license off of Huawei devices which means that Huawei will only be able to use Android base code since Android is an open source project.

Now that Huawei is all on its own, it has a huge task to do which is to fill in the versatility and functionality of its competitor Android which has nourished itself over the years having enough time to straighten the rough edges and make itself a complete package for the users. Huawei users have been using Android since forever and now inorder for them to stay loyal with Huawei they would have to happily accept the transition to HongMeng OS, which is the alleged new name of the new OS, still undercovers. And now to increase the anticipation, Chinese media has made bold claims that this particular Huawei’s OS is 60% faster than Android. This could both be true and false.


The possibility of this being true can be backed by the fact that the parent of this new OS is Huawei and who better to create an optimized operating system for its devices than the parent itself.  On the other hand, the claims may well be exaggerated or just plain false since Android has been getting faster with each and every new version with more and more optimizations by Google and a new OS coming to market and suddenly being that much faster than Google’s OS, is well a little unbelievable.


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