The Huawei Honor 8X which is one of the mid-range priced phones that Huawei is making available in the mobile phone market is currently receiving a Android Pie based EMUI 9 beta update but in China only. Moreover the phone has been confirmed for a US launch. The launch will probably be in a late December event.

Well Huawei launched the new 8X only a few months ago. Moreover the previous devices in the Honor category, namely, Honor 6X and Honor 7X were very well known as one of the very best and suitable budget options of their generation and the company wanted to carry that success forward when the time came to develop and launch the new Honor 8X. According to various sources the phone is receiving the Android Pie beta update but only in China right now. Huawei started sending out the Android Pie beta a while ago, but only in its flagship phones but it decided to break that law by providing the update in its mid-rangers too. Users in China of the 8X are now receiving the update and will hope to get the stable Pie update in the first few months of the new year.

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The update schedule in comparison with last year’s Honor 7X, is already way more impressive, the 7X for one did not get a beta update until March and only got the update for the Oreo in May. Lastly, while the Honor 8X will be receiving the beta update, users of the relatively larger and more powerful Honor 8X Max have however been left out in the cold with no update scheduled for the larger model. The reason for this could do with the fact that the SoC powering the 8X Max, with the Snapdragon 636 being a little harder to crack and develop than the Kirin 710 processor in the Honor 8X.


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