So following the recent drama that has followed, with Google banning the Android OS on Huawei devices, it is seemingly apparent now that Huawei have already planned to launch there own OS in the coming weeks or so, with the company looking to give their users some relief as soon as they can. Huawei’s have reportedly been working on the HuangMeng OS for quite some time now, but they decided not to opt for that option due to the strong connection they had with the giants we all know as Google and also considering the fact that Google’s Android is a very stable and famous OS which majority of the users use in the world. Now, considering the events that have taken, Android is no longer an option for the Chinese giants and well the company are looking set to launch there Operating Software, come June.

However, a major question on the minds of Huawei users is whether the new OS will have App support as well, for e.g Google Playstore which is the hub for downloading applications and not to forget Gmail and YouTube. Well in that regard, the company has assured users that the new OS will be compatible with all Android applications and furthermore, they can be recompiled to improve performance. The big question on that development is how these apps will be available for download now that the Google Android PlayStore is no more(on Huawei Devices of course). Well we can be sure of one thing, Huawei will either opt for an Aptoide or they will create there own version of the Playstore.

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Bear in mind that for years now Google Android has been on top and we have not yet seen a suitable competitor to dethrone Google in that department.  So it would be nice to see some competition for a change.The last time we saw any competition was from the Koreans with Samsung creating there  Tizen OS. As a matter of fact, it is likelythatTizen is the only competitionif any against Google up till now. Moreover, the new OS. HongMeng will have to replace Android and Windows for Huawei, as well as all their other compatible gadgets suchas Android Wear smartwatches.

Huawei seems to be fully focused to give the us a tough time considering the hostility they have received from the country and well we can be sure that Huawei will not go down without a fight, they have already achieved the 2nd largest Market Share in the worldwide industry and they will not let a conspiracy slow things down so we can expect something big in the OS department from the company!


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