Huawei in trouble

Huawei plan to open its biggest flagship store outside that of China

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been on the receiving end of various amounts of troubles in the more recent times when it comes to its smartphone business. The various amounts of US sanctions that have been imposed on the company have made it difficult for it to acquire rather crucial components the sake of its smartphones and now, it seems as if the chip shortage in China has only further led to the company abandoning its low end models in complete entirety.

With respect to a recent report, the Chinese brand’s official stores in China have actually been facing this particular issue. The report also adds that employees belonging to such stores have revealed that Huawei is indeed selling fewer handsets now, however, this is mainly down to the fact that China is facing a shortage of smartphone chips. For those of you who are unaware – the world is actually facing a major shortage of semiconductors in the current moment in time – with various industries being severely impacted.

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In accordance with what the employee had to say, pretty much every smartphone model in Huawei stores is in fact out of stock, with certain configurations and certain color variants also being unavailable for the devices that happen to be in stock. The report found out that from the five experience stores which were actually visited, a combined total of only four smartphone models were actually on sale. Moreover, apart from just the lack of various models, the prices of such devices have also been subject to changes as low end handsets have almost completely disappeared.

In one of the official Huawei stores based in China, a salesperson actually said that the Nova series that were targeted towards students was actually no longer in production an that the cheapest variant currently available happens to be the Nova 8 Pro.


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