Huawei is now relying more and more on Chinese components

Huawei files lawsuit if its own

Huawei technologies has now apparently gone on to raise the usage of components that happen to be made in China for the sake of its newer smartphones. This move is in order to steer away from the US made parts – courtesy of course of the sanctions that have been placed by the US on the brand. 

In accordance with what a new report goes on to suggest, the Chinese tech giant has indeed doubled the Chinese components which happen to be placed there in the recently launched phones. And now, the brand’s devices house more than 60% of the parts which happen to be made in its home country. For those of you who are unaware, the company has had to replace US made parts as the brand saw itself being placed in the US government’s Entity blacklist which ended up barring it from using rather crucial American technology. And now then, the brand has been actually working on making use of locally manufactured components. 

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In accordance with what the report actually suggests, evidence was in fact gathered courtesy of a tear down which followed the Huawei Mate 40E model. The handset of course is a 5G enabled one and was found to feature with Chinese-made parts that ended up accounting for about 60% of the total components found within the device. In other words then, it is about twice as much as what was seen with the phone’s predecessor in the Mate 30. Although Huawei is still making use of certain key semiconductors like US made chips – those of whom it has within its inventory. However, this also of course then means that the company is still heavily reliant on this type of technology and thereby could end up facing further decline courtesy of the current situation at hand.


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