Huawei launches new Intelligent OptiX Campus Solutions

Huawei launches new Intelligent OptiX Campus Solutions

The Huawei OptiX Summit 2022 was held in Islamabad. Huawei Pakistan was the organizer of arranging an OptiX summit.

Many of the most important people in the field including ISPs as well as the government and other organisations that have an interest at the time, attended.

The conference was created to give those involved in the industry an opportunity to brainstorm an idea of how they can collaborate effectively to improve the digital experience in Pakistan more effective.

To ensure this happens, Huawei has asked its customers and partners to join forces to bridge the gaps, overcome the limitations of technology and open the door to new possibilities.

He also said that optical connectivity would help Pakistan’s economy thrive through the digital revolution.

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The late Mr Wahaj Us Siraj, CEO of Nayatel stated, “The internet is a essential part of our lives today as is water for every living thing. Customers’ expectations from FBB service providers is the high-quality services and 24-hour assistance. ISPs need to concentrate on collaboration, innovation and healthy competition, rather than competing for lower prices alone. We’re in difficult times due to the current economic climate in Pakistan with more efficient solutionsand less dependence on state funds, and a better way to connect people throughout Pakistan. He also appreciated Huawei’s reliable and secure network solutions that help them provide the best services for the people of Pakistan.”

Mr. Nabeel Saqib, the COO of Transworld Enterprise Service, said ACID (AI Cloud, IoT and Data) will enable the future of technology that is hyperconnected.

He praised Huawei’s most recent and secure technology as well as its fiber-based ultra-broadband transmission to connect hyper-connected services and data. Fiberization is essential to meet the future demands.

He also stressed his government’s prepared for broadband, that there was an overall plan for broadband and that the regulations would ensure the safety of broadband technology, as well as that the investors are ready to assist in making the technology affordable.

This event gave consumers the opportunity to join forces on existing networks, expand into new areas, and also introduce new platforms to this digital age.

In the course of the event Huawei announced, “Intelligent OptiX Campus Solutions, Storage Optical Connection Coordination, and Fiber to everywhere.”


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