Huawei a leak clarifies differences between the P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro. Evan Blass lets not rest the world of curiosity un emerged, rather he gets up each day to assign the mobile phone companies with new and challenging tasks by revealing the works of the other companies. This time he has proceeded with Huawei.

The VentureBeat reporter has tweeted a photo of all the 3 rumored versions of the Huawei P20: the regular P20, the P20 Lite, & the P20 Pro, after leaks of each individual device.

So the pictures tweeted from Evan Blass let us see very clearly what will likely be the front and back of the each of these phones. No doubt all the three mobiles are about what we expected earlier.

Both of the P20 and P20 Pro  do feature a front-mounted fingerprint sensor, while the other one “P20 Lite” does include a rear fingerprint sensor.

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The P20 Lite has a chin at the bottom of the phone, but the feature is not much annoying.

All of the P20 and P20 Pro as well as P20 Lite, do include a notch at the top of them a la iPhone X & the Essential Phone. So get used to it.

The most interesting point is that the P20 Pro includes a 3rd rear camera too, that supposedly has some sort of Artificial intelligence use. However, we are still not sure that on what that might be, but the cameras will be possibly  featuring scene recognition and face detection as well.

Since the company teased its press conference, Huawei has been hinting at the third lens included in P20 Pro. The press con is scheduled to held on March 27th in Paris with the tagline “See Mooore with AI.”

Now, what remains to be disclosed to us is the prices of these phones and we are waiting for the concrete news revealing to us the price line of the sets.

However, though not the exact prices are brought to us, a leaker has tweeted about the issue. Yes, according to Roland Quandt, the P20 Pro model will most possibly  cost us €899; while the standard P20 will be available for €670; while the P20 Lite will cost €369. But again to be mentioned, the prices are not exact prices, rather this line of prices can exceed or decrease.

So get in touch with our site to know the exact prices.


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