Huawei aspires to top Apple in the smartphone business, and this has been going on now for a while. You might be thinking how may Huawei top Apple in (iPhone 8) profitability, but maybe all Huawei wants for now is to top Apple with the smartphone sales volume concerned. Now, this might seem a bit unrealisitic to you, but consider the fact that Samsung and Apple are the only two companies topping Huawei in mobile device shipments.

Other then this, as unbelievable as it might sound, Huawei, China’s leading smartphone vendor has already eclipsed Cupertino’s global December 2016 numbers. Now, Huawei not only thinks, but believes that its latest flagship can compete head to head with the iPhone 8.

Many say that the Mate 10 “series” will be much better than the iPhone 8, having a much longer battery life, much faster charging speed, a vastly superior photographing capability, and a full-screen display. Now if this actually turns out to be the case, we can only wait and see.

The Shenzhen-based company also reported a healthy 15 percent year-on-growth in the first half revenue, to a cool CNY 283.1 billion, or around $42 billion. The company, for some reasons, “only” hopes to sell between 140 and 150 million smartphones this year, compared to the 139 million that were sold in 2016. Now this is what we call impressive.


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