Most of us are already impressed by the looks of Huawei Mate 20 Pro as there is no doubt that Huawei’s recent flagship has stolen the show in real sense.  But, have you think what’s actually inside that stunting case, making him such a powerful device of current market? Well, to know all these things a Chinese tech site got one of the early units of the Mate 20 Pro and disassembles the whole device.

Here in next few seconds you will get to know the whole scenario of interior of Mate 20 Pro. Moreover, there are photos of each step.

To be honest, the Mate 20 Pro’s disassembly process involves lots of unscrewing, prying up and ungluing. Well, nothing about shock as nowadays every other glass sandwich smartphone with water and dust protection will demand this kind of unscrewing.

For the water and dust protection you will find a pair of red seals including the SIM and the NM card tray.

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On interesting note, the findings revealed Samsung-made RAM and storage used in the phone, while the loudspeaker is made by AAC – which also supplies Apple’s iPhones. It got a 4,200 mAh battery that is provided by Huizhou Desay Battery Co.

And when it comes to the display, most of them are BOE-made OLED panels while others come from LG’s factories.

Although, the article doesn’t mention anything about how hard was to take it apart, but by the looks of it, it surely isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Well, if you wish to see the whole process and the every little detail that hold the Mate 20 Pro together, check out the source link below.

On the other hand, it seems Huawei can swallow Samsung anytime. Huawei is getting its way on fast track while the only reason Samsung is still ahead of it is because Huawei still don’t have access to all markets around the globe.


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