It hasn’t at all been a long time since the release of the Huawei Mate 20, and the phone’s release has got pretty much everyone talking – and for good reason. The phone is without doubt one of the most impressive phones ever to be released. The phone comes with a triple camera setup, a Kirin 980 processor, along with a nano-sim card, plus an In-display fingerprint scanner, making it one heck of a phone.

However, as it turns out, the phone isn’t actually only good from the inside, as it seems that it is pretty good from the outside, too, because, a latest video goes on to show that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is also highly scratch resistant, and this report comes as a courtesy of the latest phone durability test, which was held by the folks at Jerry Rig Everything.

The video, which is also quite readily available on YouTube, goes on to start with a scratch test. The tempered glass, which is found on top, leaves scratches at the test’s level six, with deeper cuts being found at level seven, which actually happens to be quite a normal thing, for this kind of glass. While the phone’s notch has a speaker grill, along with a 24MP camera, plus Face ID sensor, all this is subject to protection from the same kind of glass. As far as the sides and buttons go, they are all made of anodized metal.

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As we go around the phone’s textured back, the scratch test shoes no grooves whatsoever, and the fact that this did happen indeed, makes all the proceedings extremely impressive. Also, not to forget, the back is highly resistant to fingerprints.

However, as far as the channel’s other two tests go, the phone didn’t actually perform too well – though the tests were quite extreme. The burn test on the Mate 20 Pro’s 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display went on to show that if you go on to put a lighter against it for around 25 seconds, then what will happen is that the screen will begin burning, and so on, those pixels will actually remain burnt into the screen, after the lighter had been removed. The other test was a bend test, and it showed that the glass found on the phone shattered in the front, and this was actually a shock, because other phones had similar tests done on them, however, the glass didn’t actually shatter when they were bent.

So while the Mate 20 Pro did actually do great at the start of the durability tests, the end wasn’t too pretty. So I guess the phone is indeed a mixed breed, when it comes to durability tests, however, there is little doubting that the textured glass has proceeded to make the back quite tough.


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