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The new Huawei Mate Book Pro X is set to be released in November

The company recently held an event in London in which it revealed the new Huawei Mate 20 and the Mate 20 Pro the latest in line of the new Huawei phones being released this year and during this event Huawei unintentionally revealed that the their latest creation the MateBook will surprisingly be launched in 2018 as early as November. The news is given out by a disclaimer on a presentation slide that AnandTech sharply caught the eye of.

Furthermore the new MateBook seem set to hit markets in November and will also be the very first laptop equipped with this function. Now I know what you guys are thinking what function right? Well “this function” actually refers to the new software trick or feature if we are being formal, which allows users to share files with other Huawei devices wirelessly at supersonic speeds, in addition up to one thousand photos can be transmitted from your phone or vice versa in a matter of seconds, Two seconds to be precise according to the slides. Moreover the slide gave further evidence of such technology when it was seen that a Huawei phone was held in the hand and with it was a laptop or quite possibly a Huawei laptop which more or less gave you the idea of file sharing.

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Moving on AnandTech however, do suspect that this image may not necessarily be of the new MateBook X Pro but may just be an old model of the Matebook so how the new MateBook X Pro fits in with its predecessors is anyone’s guess but we can expect the new model to be launched in November so till then you just have to wait and watch what Huawei comes up with and whatever the case one can expect good treats from a company of Huawei’s stature and reputation all will be settled in a matter of one month so till then just relax and if you want look into the new phones that Huawei have introduced with the launch of two phone namely the Mate 20 and the Mate 20 Pro.


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