Huawei Mate X delayed once again

Huawei Mate X delayed once again
Huawei Mate X delayed once again

TechRadar recently suggested that Huawei’s first ever foldable phone – the Huawei Mate X would once again be postponed with regards to the launch. TechRadar reported that the Mate X’ launch was “unlikely” anytime before November.

And now, a company representative has just confirmed that this will indeed be the case : “Huawei confirms that Mate X is still scheduled for launch between September and November 2019.”

Such comments from the representative of the company are different to what we heard when the original confirmation of the launch delay was announced – this being two months ago, back in June. At that time, the representative only announced that the launch for the company’s first ever foldable device has actually been moved to September. At the time, there was no mention of November.

Now though, with the latest statement in mind, one would have to imagine that the Chinese manufacturer is still not quite sure about the launch date. It also may be possible that we see a staggered roll out between September and November.

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This will come as great disappointment to many who. The Mate X has already been on the receiving end of one launch delay as the device missed its expected June launch window, with it shifting back to September. Unfortunately enough for those who were looking to get their hands on the device, it looks as if the phone will be coming even later.

It was suggested by Huawei itself at a media event at the company’s Shenzhen HQ that the Mate X was “unlikely” to launch before the month of November.

Huawei is confident on one end though : that the device will indeed see its launch before the year 2019 comes to a halt. It has been suggested that the Chinese manufacturer actually wants the device out and ready in time for the holidays shopping window before the Chinese New Year – which will take place in early 2020 – January 25 to be precise.

There also have been reports that the follow-up to the Mate X might actually end up having more screens, appearing where the steel rear cover is present on the very first model. The claim is that these two screen might be made up of glass, however, whether or not they will be bendable – remains to be seen. Of course, all the current foldable devices go on to use plastic OLED screen due to the fact that glass cannot be folded just yet.


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