Today’s rumor from TechRadar consisted of suggestions that Huawei is looking to release an OS of its own – called the Huawei OS next month, which would go on to replace Android after the Google cut off ties with the Chinese manufacturer. AlaaElshimy– who happens to be the Managing Director and Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group Middle East was the source of this rumor.

Since the suggestion was made by someone from the inside, many had little doubt regarding the credibility of the rumor. However, Huawei has made statements of its own, and these state that the company will not be launching its very own OS next month.

In accordance to Huawei, the Huawei OS, which is condenamedinteranll as HongMeng, is not set to for a launch next month. As a matter of fact, there is no date which has been set by the Chinese manufacturer regarding the reveal.

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Previous rumors too contradicted to the report that was brought forward by TechRadar. These suggested that the OS in not at all ready for release. And so many were surprised to see rumors circulating around that the Operating system would launch soon. Like before, it is believed that it would take Huawei months before the company launches an OS of its own.

It’s now on Huawei over how it deals with the pressure of producing a substitute for Android after the company was put on the Entity list which was issued by the president of the United states – effectively banning the Chinese company from having any business associations with companies based and operating in the States, and this company included Google. Such a decision means that no Huawei smartphones in the future will be able to ship with full Android service, which include access to Google apps, the Play store, as well as Android updates.


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