Huawei ICT Competitions in the Middle East are open for registration as of now and are expected to begin in 2022. A seventh time has been arranged for Pakistan to host this event. This competition will be held by the company with the aim of improving students’ knowledge of ICT, practical skills, and awareness of innovation. This competition will help them to improve their knowledge, skills, and awareness of innovation.

¬†Furthermore, this competition offers a platform for connecting international talent with higher educational institutions, training agencies, and companies. This competition promotes connections between them as well as collaborations between government organizations, higher educational institutions, training agencies, and companies. These collaborations are all instrumental to the growth, development, and employment of ICT professionals. Through the development of ICT talent in Pakistan, we will be able to increase our national competitiveness. A number of actions will be carried out, including the improvement of teaching methods and the integration of industrial development. In order to achieve this objective, we hope that the students will gain an understanding of employers’ viewpoints through enhanced ICT knowledge. This year, Pakistan won the Gold Medal in the Global competition and the Silver Medal in the Global competition last year.

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It is important to note that throughout the Huawei ICT Competition stages, entrants have the opportunity to take a look at some emerging technologies. This will change Pakistan’s digital economy for the better. AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data (Big Data), the Internet of Things (IoT), and perhaps most importantly, 5G broadband (which can be seen as a key tool for enabling digital services (i.e. 5G internet of things), are some of these. Colleges and universities can benefit from participating in the competition by gaining a better understanding of the talent requirements of today’s leading businesses and governments, as well as gaining a more rigorous understanding of their own requirements.

 Currently, roadshows and awareness sessions are in full swing throughout Pakistan and have already spread to more than 80 colleges and universities, both onsite and online, over the past few months. I have listed some of the universities that we supply knowledge to to name a few, including but not limited to, HITEC University Taxila, University of Peshawar, COMSATS University Islamabad, University of Management and Technology Lahore, SkillMate Multan, Bahria University Islamabad, Corvit Systems Lahore, Ibadat University Islamabad, University of Sargodha, etc. The number of registrations have already reached more than 10,000. 

 Following the launch of the competition, the preliminary exams will be held in the weeks to come, followed by the national finals and subsequently the regional finals. The competition covers an array of courses like Datacom, Security, Wlan, 5G, Cloud, storage and AI, to name a few. The winners of the regional competition will win 20,000 USD, a Huawei certification trophy, internship opportunities and the Huawei Matepads.


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