Huawei’s new service center is very impressive

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Huawei has recently taken upon the decision to open a flagship store in China and plans on to open multiple experience stores also in the UK. However, the company’s latest customer service center in China is the very first based on a ‘New Service Model’. It goes on to make way for features such as Gaming Arena, Face-Face Engineer interaction, Automated Robots, and more.

The Chinese manufacturer’s President of consumer business mobile in He Gang proceeded on to post details along with images of the new service center. Accordingly, it happens to be located close to the Sanlitun business district, Beijing, China. The unique thing about this particular center is that it happens to be the company’s first ever in terms of an overall user experience model.

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He Gang has also gone on to claim that the company’s Huawei Academy also enters the Service Center arena for the very first time. This happens to represent a new Gameplay Arena so as to entice users who will also be given the opportunity to look at Huawei products in full screen. In accordance with what reports have suggested, the service center has four big screens placed at the entrance. This is for knowing appointments, as well as other options under category in order to explore the center with just a tap of the button.

Face-Face Engineer Interaction, Automated Robots

In highlighting the latest service center, one of the more impressive things is the New Service Model. As per this particular model, users can now get Face-to-face interaction with Engineers/Experts – hence going on to eliminate the need for the middle man. This refers to the fact that they will now be given the opportunity to enquire about repair plans, interact with regards to spare parts as well as their prices and observe the whole process as it takes place. OnePlus has also adopted a similar method in its experience stores as well.


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